E.V. Roberts offers a wide range of shipping carriers depending on your delivery needs. 

All orders follow E.V. Roberts' Accuracy Verified program, guaranteeing 100% inspection of every order from the point-of-entry to the point-of-shipment. We are able to ship via your preferred method if your carrier is not listed.

  • All products ship in UN-certified double corrugated boxes
  • Warehouse cold room and freezer storage is available
  • Dry ice is available for an additional fee
  • Same day delivery is available based on stock and shipping location
  • Expedited shipping is available for an additional fee

Standard Shipping

Select carriers below are available for international shipping
** Select carriers below offer refrigerated delivery service

FedEx Ground  Spot trailer daily pickup
*FedEx Express  Daily pickup
*FedEx Freight  Daily pickup
*UPS Ground/Air  Daily pickup
UPS Freight  Available
Aero Delivery Next Day  Multiple daily pickups based on carrier driver availability
Old Dominion  Available
YRC  Available
**Orange Courier  Available
**Bob Brinks  Available weekly depending on carrier driver availability
*DHL Express  Available
Hercules   Available
XPO Logistics  Available
Day Light Transport  Available
Hollywood  Available

Will Call

Domestic  24 hours to process 
International  1-5 days to process depending on order complexity

Same Day Shipping

Aero Delivery Same Day  Pickup based on driver availability and receivers' business hours


DHL Global Air               Pickup within 1-2 days
DHL Ocean  Pickup within 1-2 weeks